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Westminster Abbey, London, England

The Legend – Part 3 – Westminster Abbey, London, England

Westminster Abbey at night
The crowning glory of London

According to legend, in the 7th. century ‘Serbert, King of the East Saxons, built a church here to replace an earlier one which had fallen into disrepair.’

‘Firm evidence of a monastery on this site dates from about 960 C.E. when, in the reign of King Edgar, Dunstan, who became Archbishop of Canterbury, brought 12 monks to Westminster from an earlier foundation at Glastonbury.’

For relief of his vow to pay homage to St Peter’s tomb in Rome, by 1065 Edward the Confessor had built a ‘magnificent new building – the first Romanesque church in the country’ dedicated to St Peter.

The following year it would be his mausoleum, sparking events which would change history.

Richard the Lionheart is also interred here – at least part of him.

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Watch the complete historic footage tracing
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