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Palace of Westminster, London, England

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Richard the Lionheart

King Richard sits resplendent in the saddle before the entranceway to the eminent House of Lords.

This gesture, with sword raised, salutes the faithful entering the hallowed halls. But should there be malice in theheart of one or another, on exit he will be waiting … with sword raised.

This magnificent equestrian statue was cast in bronze by Prince Albert’s favorite sculptor Carlo Marochetti (1805-1867) and unveiled at the Crystal Palace Exhibition of 1851.

A bronze replica was cast in 1860 and displayed in front of the Palace of Westminster. This is the statue you see today.

Because of intense security at the Houses of Parliament much of the detail is lost to the naked eye.

For this reason we bring you detailed views of the statue.

King Richard the Lionheart,
Lord of lords,
and his trusted steed

What might not be obvious is the bas relief plaque on the base. Here, Richard the Lionheart lays on his death bed mortally wounded from an assailant’s cross bow bolt. On the left, his mother Eleanor of Aquitaine and his wife Berengaria lamented the impending loss.

The unrepentant prisoner is bound and brought before the king. Before his imminent death, Richard raises his arm in a gesture of forgiveness.

This is the kind of man he was.


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