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Brother of Richard the Lionheart

Born: Beaumont Palace, Oxford, England.
December 24, 1166.

Parents: King Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Count Geoffrey of Anjou and Empress Matilda.
Duke William X of Aquitaine and Aenor of Chatellerault.

Married: (1) Isabella of Gloucester on August 1189 at Marlborough, Wiltshire.
(2) Isabella of Angouleme in 1200. Died 1246. Buried at Fontevraud Abbey.

Children: Five by Isabella of Angouleme.
Notably King Henry III, Richard, Isabella and Eleanor. Plus five illegitimate children.

Succeeded to the throne of England: April 6, 1199.

Crowned: at Westminster Abbey May 27, 1199.

Authority: King of England, with claims to Scotland, Wales and western France; Lord of Ireland from 1185.

Rule: 17 years.

Died: Newark Castle, Nottinghamshire, October 18, 1216.

Buried: Worcester Cathedral, England.